Elevator Car Slings

At Titan Machine, we have decades of experience designing, adapting, and fabricating elevator car slings of any type. Whether for a new construction project or a modernization with tight clearance restraints, Titan can work with your layouts and manufacture a custom car sling to suit your unique needs.

Titan Machine: Your Source for Top-Quality Car Slings

We can design and produce any car sling with design specifications for nearly any operating environment. Whether for residential, passenger, or freight use; side post or corner post, 1:1 or 2:1 roping, even cantilevered MRL and hydraulic installations, we’ve done them all.

Dedicated Fabrication Department to Fulfill your Hoistway Needs

At Titan, our expansive fabrication department is dedicated to producing solutions for your new construction or modernization needs. With a mix of CNC and conventional equipment and staffed by long-tenured fabricators and craftsmen, Titan has experience using a wide mix of processes and materials including slings and car buffers, to produce car platforms of every type for any application.

Connect with Titan Machine today to keep your project on time and under budget. To learn more about Titan, please visit our website.

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