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Here at Titan Machine we are often presented with equipment that has surpassed its service life and is either inoperable or in an unsafe working condition. Whether it’s a machine in its entirety in for a rebuild or a component of a geared or gearless piece of equipment, Titan has a wide enough mix of capabilities to handle the job. We can repair or  replace nearly any component or assembly, retest your machine under load in many cases, and return your machine in nearly “bolt on” condition and under warranty.

In this video we wanted to highlight 2 jobs we recently completed that involved more than your typical machine shop repair.

Extended shaft – In this first video, a customer had brought in the spider assembly from an extended shaft basement machine. The bearing journals on the ends of the main shaft were badly worn and the shaft itself had loosened over time and begun to “run out” when indicated with reference to the sheave and gear. To make matters worse, the mounting flange had been cracked and the entire assembly needed to be replaced.

As you can see, we custom fabricated a replacement shaft and extended spider assembly thereby getting this machine back in service all in a matter of days rather than months.

This vertically designed AB See geared traction machine is not your most typical. In this case, the machine’s gears were severely pitted, galling, and steps had developed causing excess lost motion and vibration in the entire assembly. Replacing the gears is only the first step in the process since the unorthodox vertical worm assembly and main shaft required re-babbiting in order to reset the new gears for proper backlash and clearances.

With our wide breadth of capabilities, experience, and on hand inventory, Titan can service any of your mechanical needs getting your equipment back into service under budget and ahead of schedule. When you think you’re out of options, give Titan a call.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015