Titan Machine Featured in Elevator World – 05/13

Titan Machine Celebrates 40 Years
in the Elevator Industry
by Elizabeth Pate

Titan Machine Corp., a family-owned business, has successfully navigated its position in domestic manufacturing in the U.S. for 40 years. Founded by Carlos Escobar in 1973, Titan is based in New York City and is one of the only specialty elevator machine shops that also manufactures new traction

machines, hoistway equipment and custom-engineered fabrications, synchronizing both new
product manufacturing and repair services. Escobar established the company after having served
in the Vietnam War and receiving his career training through education benefits offered by the military. Escobar’s previous education in machining and mechanics and passion for the subjects led him to a career in the elevator industry. His idea was to create a one-stop shop for mechanical elevator repairs. According to Titan Account Manager Tim Breese, “Escobar’s vision was simple: focus on providing cost-effective, innovative and precise-machine shop services in as
little time as possible to free elevator contractors to do what they do best in the field.”
The company also manufacturers the Titan Elevator Machine line of geared traction machines and has deployed thousands around the world. Titan’s new equipment, as well as reconditioned and refurbished assemblies, are used in various applications, including mine shafts, foundries, U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and support vessels, in addition to thousands of commercial and residential buildings around the world. Titan has worked on dozens of major projects, including
the reengineering of several escalators in Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan. Titan refurbished the transmission and drive components for the SkyTower at Sea World in San Diego, and custom manufactured sheave assemblies used in the former World Trade Center, the Empire State
Building (both in New York City), and Toronto’s CN Tower. The company also custom manufactures drive sheave and sheave assemblies 15-74 in. in diameter; replaces worm and gear sets; rebuilds escalator and elevator gearboxes, including tandem and helical transmissions; fabricates hoistway equipment, including slings, platforms, counterweight frames, buffers and buffer steel, rail brackets, toe guards, deflector guards, machine guards and pit ladders; among other things.
Titan continues to espouse the values of its founder, who can still be seen walking throughout the shop sharing his expertise with the company’s growing staff. “Hard work, skill and creativity are blended into every project taken on by Titan. Whether it is a routine component repair
or customized solution, Titan delivers the service on time and under budget,” Breese said.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013