07/31/2020 • TITAN 1 RETROFIT BRAKE KIT NOW AVAILABLE! New retrofit kit converts original single vertical plunger to dual horizontal plungers Converts single vertical plunger Titan 1 machines to dual horizontal plunger Direct fit replacement Reuses existing mounting hardware and pre-seated brake... more
04/02/2019 • Over the past two years, FRC Team 2601 The Steel Hawks has worked incredibly close with our partner, Titan Machine Corp. By CADing designs to be machined at Titan, we’ve learned a lot about the designing and machining process, as well as the capabilities of working with professional-... more
01/30/2019 • Over the past four decades here at Titan Machine we’ve seen various trends in elevator equipment design and repair practices. Onsite diagnosis and piece meal repair of a geared traction machine can be time consuming and costly, lead to inconclusive results, and ultimately fail to... more
11/07/2018 • Need a deflector for your upcoming project or to replace a worn out component? At Titan, we have a vast stock of 20 and 25” deflector sheaves pre-grooved in the most common cable arrangements. In as little as 3-5 working days, we can have a single deflector assembly or a batch order... more
10/12/2018 • Over the past year Titan has partnered with Townsend Harris Highschool’s FIRST robotics competition team, the Steel-Hawks, to support them with our extensive machining and manufacturing capabilities. The school is based in the nearby neighborhood of Flushing Queens and the team is... more
10/03/2018 • At Titan, we know complex roping arrangements frequently require specific, custom, and sometimes seemingly obsolete sheave assemblies. Existing hoistway conditions can create obstructions and constraints limiting on-site access and your ability to retrofit new sheave assemblies into... more
05/06/2016 • One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Titan Machine when our customers are presented with the option to overhaul a seemingly obsolete piece of equipment is, “isn’t it cheaper to just buy a new machine?” The answer is…maybe. But it depends on the existing equipment... more
02/03/2016 • With over 42 years of experience in the elevator industry here at Titan Machine, we’ve learned a thing or two about what our customers want. At the top of that list is often a reliable one-stop source for replacement sheaves and worm and gear sets to fit a wide array of older or... more
08/12/2015 • Here at Titan Machine we are often presented with equipment that has surpassed its service life and is either inoperable or in an unsafe working condition. Whether it’s a machine in its entirety in for a rebuild or a component of a geared or gearless piece of equipment, Titan has a... more
01/19/2015 • Since 1973, Titan Machine has been a leader in furnishing new elevator and hoistway equipment providing a unique blend of manufacturing, custom elevator machine design, and repair services to the elevator industry. We’ve worked with every elevator mechanical design you can imagine and... more