2:1 Counterweight Sheave Assembly

Whether you need a direct-fit replacement for a decades-old traction elevator system, an expert repair job, or a brand-new build, look no further than Titan Machine Corp. for top-quality 2:1 counterweight sheave assemblies! With nearly a half-century in the industry, we’re proud of our stellar reputation and our ability to provide exactly the kind of elevator and hoistway components for our customers, all in a prompt and timely manner.

Providing Custom Replacement, Repairs, and Production of 2:1 Counterweight Sheave Assemblies 

Our first-rate 50,000-square-foot production facility and in-house engineering team, drawing from the unbeatable expertise and seen-it-all experience we’ve accumulated since 1973, make Titan Machine the finest go-to source for 2:1 counterweight sheave assemblies.

Those operating and maintaining older traction elevator and hoistway systems that may date back to the mid-20th century often struggle to find direct-fit replacements. Here at Titan, we’ve got you covered on that count: With our outstanding custom machining, we can produce counterweight sheave assemblies and other equipment to the exact specifications of any setup. We’ve pretty much seen it all in nearly 50 years in the business!

We’re fully capable of manufacturing sheaves for new systems. From batch production to skillful repair or upgrades of obscure, outdated equipment, Titan Machine Corp. does it all. Overhead or underslung; conventional or cantilevered; single-wrap or double-wrap rigging; geared, gearless, or machine-room-less: Whatever your system, we can manufacture exactly the right replacement for a new 2:1 counterweight sheave, or repair an existing, malfunctioning, or degraded one to ensure safety and efficiency.

Turn to Titan Machine for the Best in Elevator Counterweight Sheave Production, Reproduction, and Repair Work

We’d love the chance to show you why Titan Machine Corp is an unrivaled source for new and replacement 2:1 counterweight sheave assemblies and any other elevator components. The value of our custom machining services includes:

  • The ability to produce custom counterweight sheave assemblies for any system, old or new.

  • Batch production, one-time repairs, and any other scale of the job.

  • Timely work and impeccable craftsmanship and materials.

We invite you to fill out the form below to supply us with basic information about your sheave needs, and we’ll be in touch in short order with a quote and lead time!

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