New Sheave for Elevator Sheave Replacement

What is a sheave? Sheaves are the unifying part in every elevator system. Here at Titan Machine Corporation, we pride ourselves on offering the most extensive selection of sheave patterns and castings available in the United States. Our business is uniquely suited to replace or repair your sheave assemblies with nearly 50 years of experience successfully being the industry’s go-to source for custom and replacement sheaves.

Whether for an emergency malfunction or a direct-fit replacement of a worn-out sheave, we can best ensure your elevator sheave replacement service needs will be met. Our company has the largest inventory, highest-quality equipment, and will provide you with the fastest turnaround time.

Types of Sheaves

Whatever the particular design or specifications of your elevator system, look no further than Titan! We provide new sheaves or can refurbish your existing equipment to keep your elevators running safe, reliably, and efficiently. Our professionals can supply drive sheaves for both geared and gearless machines, as well as compounding pulleys for elevator cars and counterweights. Below is a sample list of the different types of sheaves we repair or replace:

Our facility can turn out styles of sheaves ranging from 15-inch to 74-inch diameters and from one to 48 inches in face width. Our technicians' capabilities extend far beyond elevator sheave replacement as well. If you use a shaft, bearing, or babbitt work, we’ve got you covered as well with a fully stocked bearing inventory and seasoned techs capable of re-pouring and servicing babbitted bearings.

When to Replace a Sheave

Worn rope grooves will threaten the performance and potentially the safety of your elevator system. Sheaves should be regularly inspected; signs of pronounced or uneven groove wear can be signs of a variety of issues that tend to accelerate deterioration.

The frequency of inspection and likelihood of sheave regrooving (or replacement) will depend on what kind of demand your system experiences, its age, and the configuration of its sheaves and their groove designs.

Titan Machine: Your Source for Top-Quality Elevator Sheaves

At Titan, we are the ideal source for new and replacement sheave options for your traction elevator:

  • The country’s biggest inventory of sheave patterns and castings

  • Custom-made, direct-fit geared and gearless drive sheaves, overhead sheaves, deflector sheaves, secondary sheaves, and 2:1 car and counterweight sheave assemblies

  • Sheave diameters from 15” to 74” and sheave widths from 1” to 48”

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the trusted team here at Titan Machine Corp for support! Whatever your sheave maintenance needs might be, let us know and we’ll be happy to deliver every time. Contact us today to learn more!

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